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Old 2012-05-15, 03:56 AM   #1
Lady Quickswitch
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Default The vanishing signature.

I have a great sig made by SCSW!

But it's not showing up. I have signatures displayed... Hmmm....

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Old 2012-05-15, 05:20 PM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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It's in the sticky, but on the page, if you're using the option to upload an image directly to the forum, you need to put the following into the "Your Signature:" box --


-- using square brackets rather than round ones. I've done it on your account. It's so that people can add text before or after the image if they want.

Display isn't retrospective -- only posts made whilst you have something in the signature text box have the sig applied, regardless of other choices. They're also hidden in a few forums so that they don't break up threads (mostly in the RPG.)
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