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Old 2012-08-08, 12:54 AM   #1
Aero Blade
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Default Appology for lagging

Hey guys, know you haven't seen much of me. I'm trying to keep up with the board, but being two people short at work is making for crazy days and difficult to keep up with anything else. I've definitely noticed I'm not able to get to the board as often as I want, and I'm missing very good opportunities to participate in things. Seems by the time I get to it, it's already passed by, but yet things still don't seem to be going quick enough. Seems we were supposed to have a quick start on Cybertron, then get our characters to earth, but here we are still on Cybertron. Things seem to be moving a bit more now, and hopefully this can get my inspiration going. If anyone has any ideas that might be helpful to my characters, I definitely appreciate it. I gotta get my boys (and gal) going again before I'll be able to be much help, and I hope that'll be soon. Have to see how well work cooperates for that, though. Thanks everyone.
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Old 2012-08-09, 09:30 AM   #2
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Welcome back, Aero!

Could have Sentinel actually go the jerk route and straight-up 'summon' Yoketron and Terabolt, if it helps.
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