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Old 2012-10-28, 05:11 PM   #1
Upstate, NY
Default Storm Prep

As some of you may know, some of us in the US are expecting a massive storm to roll through in a few days. The sort of storm that knocks out power, floods buildings, puts trees through roofs, and makes it hard to do anything. I've got food, blankets, lights, and the rest of that stuff taken care of. My question is then this:

What preparations would you take with your collection?

I've got some ammo cans I'm going to be sticking a few of my more important (to me, anyways) figures in as well as some things that can be damaged by water. Over all I'm not too worried about my TFs getting wet as most of what I've got out are newer ones with no stickers for the water to spoil. But other then that I'm at a loss. I'm pretty sure the tree outside won't come into where my collection is, but better to be prepared then sorry.
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Old 2012-10-28, 05:58 PM   #2
One with the Matrix
Skyquake87's Avatar

probably something similar to you, stick 'em something tough and durable and hope for the best.
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Old 2012-10-28, 10:23 PM   #3
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar

Different types of collections, but having digital copies wherever possible and off-site backups.

You on high ground? Get stuff away from probable flooding areas, then impermeable storage boxes taped around and under sturdy furniture would be my choice. Take stuff off shelves, etc.
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Old 2012-10-29, 12:11 AM   #4
Matrix Keeper
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Deposit them in foreign countries! Just for a small amount of $ my shelves are glad to help...

Isch bin dabbei!
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