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Old 2012-12-28, 12:01 PM   #1
Default 1985 series 1, 100 card set

Hello every one,
I am wondering about something I have a fair few cards from the 1985 hasbro series 1 set and there is 100 in total, now I want to complete the set but can't seem to find the same set, why ? I'm from Australia, help me out please also if u haw some for sale I may buy them thanks
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Cellar Door
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Yeh, you did wait a whole 48 minutes for an answer after all.
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Shooty Dog Thing
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Originally Posted by \Starscream/ View Post
can't seem to find the same set, why ?
Not even TRU keeps stock on the shelves for that long?

Probably no point looking outside of Australia for the partial 100 card series.

The Australian set had no number 68 produced, but two numbered 86 - Shockwave and Mixmaster, so it's assumed one of them was meant to be 68.
Sounds like fairly typical quality control as well.
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