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Old 2014-05-21, 04:51 AM   #21
Cellar Door
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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Could I call dibs on Stinger & Vanguard?

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
However I am delighted to see the opportunity to snag the three Robo Machine Combinators though! I've been pining for those (primarily the helicopter transport) for a long while now, pretty much exclusively because your reviews of them. What say you?
Sure! Inverse Omnibot buy (Combinator purchases also activate the special "Free Pathfinder If I Can Remember Where I Put Her And Her Arms Aren't Knackered" deal)

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Old 2014-05-21, 06:14 AM   #22
One with the Matrix
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PM'd, thanks Cliffjumper
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