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Vehicon Mike
Autobot Vehicon Mike
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Default Something new for my art (and something that's to come into daylight.)

What you see here is what I worked on over those last few months, I wanted to post these up before I've forgotten what I was supposed to do while working on something that needs my attention badly

The first one I uploaded was a mock-up of an Animated version of a Transformers Prime Vehicon which inspired my username.

The second was a concept of Devastator as an Autobot back when I designed his look by taking two Stunticons and a Protectabot, (Namely First Aid) I basically left the core body and right arm alone. Let's face it, this design was not able to see the light of day because it was sitting around and I happened to look at it and remember how many years I missed doing art, and believe me, that concept was before the Combiner Wars concept came to be, it's a true story! Not many of you won't believe me, I did it back in either Junior High or Summer School, I don't remember when, but I did draw it.

Now the third will also be seen in the daylight as I share some info with you: Over a few months ago, I drew a prototype comic page, and there's a character you'd recognize because of her head, and before any of you ask, the character is wearing a tank top that exposes her navel, and there is a true generic character that is mix of three Transformers characters and I'll give you three guesses on who's parts the character is made out, and a construction vehicle makes a reference to one of the Constructicons, the constucticons never made an actual appearance in the comic panel I was working on because at the time I was looking up actual references for the characters, and the last character was a female cyborg that had a female version of Ratchets body and a female human face, and the last panel kinda leaves something foreshadowing a character that I MIGHT put into another comic at another time when I finish the comic I'm working on.

OOH, I did this from a screenshot from the new R.I.D series, it was drawn from the short "To Catch A Phrase" and it's pretty obvious who's head is drawn there.

The last one is a couple of head shots I used from various Transformers figures and one Star Wars Crossover figure I had put in randomly, there should be lots of faces you might recognize and figure out which series they're from.

I might put up more, but the darn thread only allows five images.
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