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Old 2015-11-07, 06:13 PM   #1
Red Dave Prime
Assistant Comic Reviewer
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Default Selling Transformers - some questions..

Hi all,

I have a few bots floating about and the wife is giving me enough grief over them taking up space (along with my music stuff, comics etc.) so I've decided to move along some of the TF stuff.

Thing is, I think some of them have a value and ebay has me confused, specifically over my g1 scorponok. Hes unboxed but otherwise in pretty good condition with the following issues:
  • Zaraks right arm had to be glued back so doesnt move, but doesnt inhibit the transformation process
  • I do not have the mini bots two pistols
  • I only have 1 of the four mini-grey towers (the one that looks like wall-e / johnny 5 from short circuit)
  • Some stickers missing or worn down

Checking on ebay there seems to be some massive prices for the small bits individually. I'd rather sell everything as one but am I better going the individual route? And whats a "fair" price? I'm not into gouging anyone because Karma but I don't want to lose out too much.

If anyone here is interested I'd be happy to discuss price but bear in mind I'm in Ireland so P&P could be harsh on the big piece himself.

While I'm here I am also looking to offload
G1 Skids, some sticker damage, only 1 gun, otherwise fine
Alternators Silverstreak, good condition (for free if someone wants to pay the postage)
Megatron - stealth bomber mode model. Perfect condition.
Also have the plane/minibot that came with swerve if anyone wants that for free.
Lastly I have a large collection of TF Dreamwave - if anyone wants it, it's free if you pay P&P

Thanks for any advice

note: I realise this is in the wrong part of the forum, feel free to move it to the proper part.

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Old 2015-11-07, 09:19 PM   #2
One with the Matrix
Skyquake87's Avatar

Scorponok if he's missing some accessories but otherwise in good nick will fetch around 50 - 70 (with Xmas around the corner, you may get a little more than is normal, as prices this time of year tend to go nuts on stuff with a trend for noticeable peaks in January in recent years, so you could be looking at 100 going by the condition you've described).

You are correct with selling piecemeal. As Scorponok is one of those Transformers with a large amount of accessories, complete vintage examples (esp loose) don't pop up so often you may be better off selling the components separately. I've noticed values on the accessories have crept up over the last couple of years - presumably as the number of Scorponok toys out there starts to decline.

The only problem with selling the components is that you could then be left with the main body which you can't shift. Ebay seems to have quite a few around the 25 and no-one's biting.

Scorponok seems to be largely unaffected on the aftermarket by the recent bootleg - presumably as that costs as much as a mint, loose and complete vintage example tends to go for. So if you're after one, you'll likely stick with the vintage version... Being produced in fair numbers and being available globally back in the day probably accounts for his sustained aftermarket value too. Seems to be a solid seller with no lack of fans (me included!).

So er, make of that what you will
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Old 2015-11-07, 09:55 PM   #3
Red Dave Prime
Assistant Comic Reviewer
Red Dave Prime's Avatar

Cheers, thats all very helpful. I'm hoping to sell him as a single piece alright, less hassle. Going to try and sell the lot for 70 ono.

A quick play with the big boy has revealed 3 new faults as it were. The Tower covers/ side leg things have lost a bit of their silver paint. Nothing desperate but the condition is less than the rest of him. His Right shoulder is noticeably loose - doesnt affect the different modes as such but it limits the posing of him in robot mode a little. And I'm missing one of the four dual cannons which is quite annoying because I was sure I had it.

Pics attached. If anyone here is interested, drop me a pm.
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