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Old 2015-12-24, 05:48 AM   #1
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Lowden, IA
Default Dr. Who audiobooks on Humble Bundle

So I know next to nothing about Dr. Who, but thought I'd put this up on here since it seems some others might be interested. Humble Bundle has a Dr. Who audiobook bundle going right now. If you're not familiar, it's a "pay what you want, decide where the money goes" that supports a wide variety of charities.

Given that I know so little about it, would these be worth getting, or would I be completely in the dark?
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Old 2015-12-24, 07:11 AM   #2
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK

The "Regular" Who releases on there are all early ones and standalone, and I'd say generally at least solid (Red Dawn is quite dull), and in a couple of cases really good (Fearmonger; Whispers of Terror and Marian Conspiracy).

The first Destiny of the Doctor release on there is basically standalone bar one scene connecting it to The Overall Plot, and is read by Catherine Tate in a way that reminds you she's actually a proper actress rather than a gurning loon. The Matt Smith one wraps up the whole series and explains The Overall Plot scene in each previous story and thus probably won't make any sense without them.

I'm not sure about Torchwood (but it is part 1 of a miniseries so may not be standalone) or The Worlds of Big Finish (though as a deluxe release that's worth more than $15 by itself).
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Old 2015-12-24, 08:58 PM   #3
Shooty Dog Thing
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Thumbs up

Good spot. Not sure I'm going to listen to them any more than previous sale/offer/warez BF stuff, but may have to see how well this sort of stuff fits with the route home if walking...
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