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Old 2016-02-10, 06:11 AM   #141
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Okay I've just Googled those and holy **** do they come in variants where the eyes don't make them look like they're having a seizure?
I thought I was the only one who noticed the eyes! They're pretty wonky.

Originally Posted by Sades View Post
YASSSS KLINGSBO. We've got those same shelves in mind for our place once we manage to settle down in one spot for awhile/have money, pretty much for the exact same reasons you mentioned. The only thing that'd deter me is price, the Detolf is so much cheaper. Heavy as eff though, plus all that glass scares the crap out of me. The weight could be an advantage, though... not as easy for a crazy toddler to knock over. No lock, though.

Were the Klingsbo shelves very heavy? Is it fairly solid?
It's got just as much glass as the Detolf, plus a metal frame, so it's pretty heavy. It's nice and solid and I've got no fears that it'll fall over, though. The splayed-out legs give it a nice, wide base. I'd guess it weighs a good hundred pounds, but even if that's a bit high it's definitely not moving anywhere without a determined adult or two to lift it. Both the Detolf and the Klingsbo can be anchored to the wall for added support, too, if you've got them in a place that's vulnerable to knocking over.

I considered a Detolf too, but a few things convinced me to go for the Klingsbo instead. Fewer shelves with more space is great if you've got a collection of Citybots, CW combiners and MP-01s, but 90% or more of my toys are voyager-sized or shorter, so I can't really take advantage of that. And one fewer shelf means I'd actually need to buy more Detolfs to fit the same number of toys. The Detolf also sits right on the floor, which I'm not a huge fan of. That leaves the bottom shelf way below eye level, and a lot of people buy extra hardware to elevate them. Whereas the Klingsbo's first shelf is already over a foot off the floor, with the bonus of added storage space under it.

After thinking about all of that, the price gap suddenly didn't look so wide. Especially with my wife not-so-subtly suggesting she liked this one better too.

But really, it mainly comes down to what you plan to put in them. They're both good choices, just for different things.
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Old 2016-03-12, 04:13 PM   #142
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Wreckers, DJD plus goddess, RID1 cover cast and under-appreciated colour schemes
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Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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