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Old 2016-03-17, 12:33 AM   #1
Triple Changer
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Canada, Land of Ice and Snow
Default Looking for a part, G1 Headmaster

As I try to take more bots from the incomplete file, to the complete one, I've hit a snag.

Weirdwolf G1

I have the Head
I have the gun

I can't find his tail.

I tried Wheeljack's Lab, I tried, I tried ebay. All empty!

Can anyone recommend a site or place to check out that ships to Canada?
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Old 2016-03-22, 11:10 PM   #2
One with the Matrix
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Suomi Finland Perkele

I have this same problem. The only listing with the sword I could find was still bundled with Monzo...and cost so much I could just as well sell mine off and buy a whole new one that's complete.
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