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Old 2016-05-10, 03:56 AM   #1
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Default Pyra Magma leg fix.

(Sorry in advance for blurry pictures)

Today I finally got my hands on Victorion and I gotta say im loving her thus far. However much to my dismay Pyra Magma has an assembly issue where a plastic joint is put in backwards. (thanks quality control!) It doesn't affect her transformations in all three modes. It does however prevent the knees from locking properly in robot mode. If you have the hardware and time I can show you how to fix the issue.

The main problem is this small red plastic bit has been reversed.

You will want to remove the leg from the mushroom peg located on the hip and unscrew the three screws on the lower leg.

A pin where the foot connects to the leg will prevent you from fully splitting the leg in half, Be careful when removing thigh piece!

Next use a steel pin removal tool to hammer out the leg pin holding the offending piece in place.

Once youve pulled the pin, turn the red piece around and drive the pin back in. now your free to reassemble the leg.

Rince and Repeat and enjoy your fixed Pyra Magma!

Life should be awsome everyday all of the time!
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