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Default Glyph and Drill


FUNCTION: Archaeometrist

"Erudition is the privilege of those who observe detail."

STATS: none available in continuity
Strength - 3
Intelligence - 9
Speed - 3
Endurance - 9
Rank - 3
Courage - 9
Fireblast - 1
Skill - 9
Many of Glyph's stats are quite low as she has no appreciable weapon or battle skills. However, she has considerable endurance and courage, given the nature of her occupation, and higher than average intelligence and skill related to her discipline.

One of the final survivors of a doomed Autobot exploration mission, Glyph was for several hundred years stranded on a world that became, for her, not unlike an immense science experiment. A natural researcher and forensic scientist, Glyph's advanced hermeneutic circuitry allows her to analyze and decipher even the most cryptic of patterns and language structures. Exceptionally bright and intellectual, Glyph maintains a nearly manic attentiveness to detail. Fascinated by the sheer complexity of alien cultures and their histories, Glyph's eye for even the most obscure of minutiae has become unmatched among her colleagues. While highly skilled and intelligent, Glyph's robot form is neither particularly strong nor durable.
She possesses little to nothing in the way of combat abilities and, as such, is usually accompanied by more battle-oriented Autobots. Her vehicle mode (Volkswagen Beetle) also has trouble handling the rough terrain she usually finds herself in when on a research mission; she spends the majority of her time in root mode for this reason.
Glyph has a tendency to come across as a bit stuffy, but she seems sociable enough. Can seem a bit absent-minded and, becoming engrossed in study, can neglect to ensure her own safety.



FUNCTION: archaeology site director

"If it's there, I'll find it!"

Strength - 6
Intelligence - 7
Speed - 3
Endurance - 9
Rank - 3
Courage - 9
Fireblast - 3
Skill - 7
Like Glyph, Drill has little in the way of weapons or battle skills, but he has pretty mean mecharate skills and is strong enough to deliver quite a stunning blow to units twice his size.

Drill is a field archaeologist who has worked his way up to site director by dint of application and practice. His distinctive accent was developed on the planet Earth, where he excavated ancient Cybertronian artefacts in secret to prevent them falling into human hands. He has infiltration training and would, in fact, make a good Autobot spy - if he ever thought about it.
He is very capable with his hands, as an archaeologist and practitioner of mecharate, a primarily defensive skill. Like Glyph, he prefers to remain in root mode, since his vehicle form, a classic Mini, is unsuitable for most uneven terrains.
Drill is famous among the literary set for his treatises on field excavation techniques and practical studies in recreating early Cybertronian tech. He also wears a dark brown, floppy hat, which has seen better days, and of which he is terribly fond.

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