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Default [FICTION] Misc fan fiction: Heroic Decepticons

This is a place to share all my miscellaneous one shots and stand alone stories. Note: all stories/RPGs, etc. are set in my Heroic Decepticons Alternate 'Verses.

Note: I have separate threads at TFArchive for my ongoing saga Transformers: Heroes, and my series Rise of the Decepticons.

Here is my collection of works so far:

Trouble in Paradise:
Swindle attempts to solve a mystery, and help the Decepticons earn a place in Paradise. My first detective fiction.
Posted at: and at Lexicon
Word count: ~21k
Genre: Crime/Mystery

Puppy Love:
What happens when a puppy is discovered running loose inside the Decepticon Underwater Base? A little bit of mayhem, and a lot of puppy love!
Posted at: and at Lexicon
Word count: ~6k
Genre: Humor/Friendship

A Day Worth Remembering:
It's one of those days Starscream would rather forget, but not everything is as bad as it seems.
Posted at: and at Lexicon
Word count: ~3k
Genre: Friendship/Family

The French Bug:
Autobots and Decepticons alike are plagued by a strange affliction. Will they be able to reverse its effects before it's too late?
Posted at: and at Lexicon
Word count: ~10k
Genre: Humor

Code of Honour:
Thundercracker sets the record straight about events from his past while awaiting rescue on an asteroid.
Posted at: and at Lexicon
Word count: ~8k
Genre: Spiritual

And my latest work...

The Decepticons' Commentary: The Transformers: The Movie (1986):
The Decepticons watch The Transformers: The Movie (1986) for the first time, and get to comment on it!
Posted: here and at: Lexicon.
Word count: 25k~
Genre: Comedy

Decepticons Forever

My Fan Fiction: Lexicon |
Home of Heroic Decepticons at Message Boards and RPG | @CrysDecepticon Do you Q?

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