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Default Titans Return Blaster w/ Twincast *Proofed, Ganon, 2/6/18*

Name : Blaster & Twincast
Allegiance: Autobot

Bio: To decode encrypted Decepticon transmissions, Autobot Blaster links with his Titan Master partner, Twin Cast. Twin Cast is a walking cipher - a bot with the most advanced cryptography programming in the universe. He may be small, but he's one of the most powerful Autobot weapons.

As Titans Return comes to a close after 18 months of some of the best Transformers toys of recent times, I thought it would be worth to go back to the start of the line and review one of the most quietly impressive toys of the line: Leader Class Blaster and Twincast. Back in days of yore, Blaster had what I consider to be one of the worst toys of the original line. Shorn of the electronics of the Microchange toy that made it a fully functioning AM radio, you were left with a rather ugly looking and ungainly toy. With a tiny head. Whilst micro-cassette stereos were a thing, they didn't really catch on, leaving poor Blaster even more of a relic than Soundwave. He's basically the stereo system equivalent of a MiniDisc player. Updating characters like Blaster has always posed something of a challenge, with the Fall Of Cybertron toys with their Data Disks being the best attempt at trying to recapture what made the originals so memorable. Sensibly, Hasbro have given up on trying to make vehicles work for the character and just remade Blaster as a boombox with docking station-type features. It works and gives us one of the early hits of the Titans line.

Robot Mode: A superb collection of boxes, Blaster is the epitome of traditional robot design. He's all right angles and '50's sci-fi retro appeal. It's this latter quality that I find appealing it makes him look timeless and charming. He's incredibly well proportioned too, which is a joy to see I like the original for what it is, but still can't get past the horrendously piddly head the figure was saddled with. The colours are bold and very striking sticking to the original palette of red, yellow, and grey with black accents. He also has some thoughtful paint applications on his shoulders and ankles which flesh out the moulded detail very nicely. I like his stoic Robocop-like head too, which brings a nice bit of space helmet pizzazz to his boxy form. He wields a nice update of his electro-scrambler and has the same pop-open chest cavity that can house the er, 'rocket sled' or one of the smaller Legends Data Pads.

Robot Mode: Twincast is a tiny version of Blaster with a big Blaster face on his back that looks very grumpy indeed (perhaps it's based on Budiansky's version of the character). Twincast is nicely done, but for the first time, I think I can see why so few of the Titan Masters have paint here it's so badly applied as to have not been worth the effort. The silver and blue slapped on his head look like badly applied make-up.

Alternate Mode: The boombox mode is nicely done although given Blaster's livery, it can't help but look a bit Playskool. There's a good amount of texture of detail throughout, all the same. The speakers are nicely done and the back has faux USB ports and headphone jacks and so on. It looks good and makes good on the 'robots in disguise' thing. The opening cassette deck is fun and you can have hours of amusement putting things in and taking them out again.

Alternate Mode: The base mode isn't half bad, to say it's just the alt-mode exploded with some ramps and a funny platform. The play value comes with there being quite a few places to pose Titan Masters and Legends figures, although the latter can find themselves a bit cramped.

Marks Out Of Ten For The Following:

Transformation Design: It's an updated version of the 1980s classic design. It's good, save for the irritating panels and clips and 'just -so' arrangement of the robot legs you have to have to get Blaster to properly tab together in boombox mode. 7/10

Durability: Blaster is a solid toy and very chunky. Only the tab-fest of his legs feels a little flimsy, but even so, nothing feels delicate or like its going to break anytime soon. Likewise, Twincast is a durable little fellow and the only thing you've really got to worry about is losing him. 9/10

Aesthetics: A well proportioned, stocky, and great looking robot, there's little to fault Blaster on here. The stereo cassette deck also looks a treat and I like the speakers and level of detail present. The colours are nice and bright and he looks great. 9/10

Articulation: Not Masterpiece level, but enough to strike some good poses and look like a boss. Enough to be a good entry in the Leader size class for Titans Return. 8/10

Fun: Blaster is a surprising amount of fun for someone who, quite honestly, doesn't look like he's going to be terribly interesting. The base mode really helps with this, it gives him something to do other than just turn into a stereo and hope one of his fellow Autobots will pick him up. 10/10

Price/Value: I picked mine up at TKMaxx for around 25, which was a right bargain. I don't know that I'd favour paying full RRP for Blaster, as good though he is, he's just not as exciting or sexy looking as some of the other Leader Class figures in the line especially all the Decepticons. If you can find him at this sort of price, he won't disappoint. 6/10

Overall: Not a character that's going to set pulses racing, Blaster is nevertheless a pleasant surprise. He's a good, fun toy and for once, looks better than the equivalent Soundwave toy in the line. He pretty much set the bar for what the Titans Return Leader size class was going to deliver. He's an easy one to overlook, given how impressive a lot of the other Leader Class toys have been especailly the Decepticons Sixshot, Overlord, and Sky Shadow but he is worthy of your time, especially if, like me, you find the old toy disappointing. 8/10

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One with the Matrix
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Proofed. Nice review. I never considered his helmet looks like Robocop, but you're spot on!

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