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"I've done better and got over it."
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Murray, KY
Smile Spring cleaning!

I'm trying to reduce the size of my collection. Not in number, mind you, but the physical size, because smaller toys = more toys on shelf in the same space as one big one. So, here are some that be headed to ebay, traded in for store credit, or composted in the near future.

Movie 3 Jetwing Prime (japan version)
Movie 3 Striker Prime w/store exclusive swords (japan version)
TFC Uranos w/wings of uranos set and the SXS alternate head set*
Warbotron Bruticus w/Shockwave set*
Planet X Genesis (Fall of Cybertron Omega Supreme)

And more to come.

I haven't got as far as researching prices, but if anyone here wants anything, it'll be under the average price of ebay sold listings.

*means minor damage, repair, or some other sort of modding done to fix something
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