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Default PotP Optimus Prime (Orion Pax) ***Proofed Skyquake87***

Name: Optimus Prime (Orion Pax)
Function: Campaigning for Freedom for the Right of All Sentient Beings
Subgroup: Power of the Primes
Size Class: Leader Class (Evolution)

Orion Pax: Orion Pax was once just a humble bot on Cybertron who believed in building a better world. The legendary artifact the Matrix of Leadership chose him to lead the Autobots, and he became the greatest hero the universe has ever known: Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime is the noble leader of the Autobots. He believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings and fights tirelessly to defend it. He is beloved across the universe for his compassionate nature, steadfast leadership, and heroic feats in battle.

All of the Power of the Primes figures come with a randomly packed art card that gives additional powers granted by one of the Primes, as well as an appropriate short bio. The one I received with Optimus is ironically Optimus Megatronus: Harnesses the Fallen's Strength for Noble Purpose.

I donít believe I need to detail the entire backstory of Optimus Prime, since everyone pretty much knows who he is. Casual fans may not know he originated as Orion Pax, but honestly you donít need to know that to be a fan of Optimus. The original cartoon didnít reveal much, only allowing a small glimpse of Orionís life before becoming Optimus Prime, told flashback-style in Season 2. All these details are irrelevant, as youíre really asking the question ĎIs this figure worth buying?í In short, that answer is yes.

I appreciate Hasbroís Evolution gimmick with their Leader Class figures in the Power of the Primes line: Evolution. This figure can begin his existence as Orion Pax, receive the Matrix of Leadership, and evolve into Optimus Prime Ė by combining the two figures together. You essentially get two figures in one, or rather a smaller figure with a nice set of armor. Both can combine again to give an alternate mode reminiscent of the original incarnation. Itís a superb gimmick, and one that works really well with Optimus Prime (and one that I canít say works in his wavemate and successor, Rodimus Prime). At any rate, Optimus is definitely a figure worth pursuing if you have the coinÖ

Semi-Truck Mode:

As part of the Ďevolutioní gimmick, Orion Pax forms the from truck cab of the alternate mode - this is the weakest part of the set. Itís not awful, mind you, itís just not a solid alternate mode on its own. Viewing from the front end, it looks quite good: itís boxy, has tons of details, and great paint apps. The only aesthetic issue with the front is that the Matrix is viewable through the windshield Ė but this can be fixed by simply removing the Matrix. The major issue, however, is the entire back half of the semi-truck. Orionís arms are folded up but cobbled together on the back, and the sides of the truck are not flush due to the transformation engineering. Extra panels may have solved this, but that would have resulted in more kibble in robot mode. The back end also features Orionís chest folded down on top of the rear wheels, and his head acts as the trailer hitch. Otherwise, the truck rolls really well and functions properly, if not terribly appealing from all angles.

The trailer, on the other hand, is quite solid. It doesnít win any awards for aesthetics from a few angles, but on the whole itís a solid trailer that tabs together well and resembles the original toy quite well Ė just donít pay attention to the giant rifle tucked in the middle of it all. While not a deal-breaker, thereís a lot of empty space inside the trailer where the rifle could have been stored, but this would have also added more panels, which in turn would have added more kibble in robot mode. Thereís a sacrifice that needed to be made, and I think Hasbro made the wisest choice. Otherwise, the trailer has nice molded lines on the sides, complimented by well-placed stickers that arenít pulling up on the sides (yet). The whole design does well to hide the multiple panels and overall looks quite nice. Sadly, the back of the trailer cannot act as a ramp like the Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Primeís does, so play functionality is slightly limited.

The trailer hooks in nicely to the truck, and has a bit of range while turning, and the wheels roll superbly while on a flat surface. Upon initial viewing, there isnít much exciting about the full semi-truck mode. Itís got a front truck cab and a trailer just like youíd expect, and thatís just about where you could leave it. However, looking at the truck from afar struck me how much it emulates the Generation 1 toy. It was a surprising revelation, and made me appreciate the alternate mode more than what I had given it credit for. Once you get close, you can see little issues, but on the whole itís a win.

Orion Pax Robot Mode:

The transformation sequence to get to Orion Pax is quite straightforward and also fun. There isnít anything tricky, but I like the way that the sides of the truck flip around to store on Orionís back. Yes, that means heís got a backpack, but that also means the front and sides of the robot are streamlined, leaving a cleaner robot mode in the end. The backpack also doesnít made him back heavy, which is a bonus, and the design allows you to store his Matrix back there without issue (something not possible with Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime). Orion features some very nice detailing (both molded and painted) throughout the robot mode, and the design is a great representation of the G1 cartoon model Ė the head and chest sculpts are particularly well done. The entire robot has great rounded design from head to toe, which folds up nicely to give a blocky and angular Optimus Prime. Orion has a fantastic range of movement in his arms and legs, which lends itself to being a very dynamic figure. One issue may be the lack of movement in the feet/ankles, but I donít think that should dissuade some good fun. Orion can dual wield Optimusí separated rifle, and both pieces look pretty good. Honestly, if not for the backpack, this figure would be 100% win. As it is, itís still really solid. On a side note, Orion stands just a shade taller than your standard Deluxe figure, and about a head or so shorter than a Voyager.

Optimus Prime Robot Mode:

ĎEvolvingí Orion Pax and his trailer to get to a beautiful Optimus Prime is also straightforward and quite fun. Folding up Orion is a quick ordeal, but unfolding the trailer is a little more complicated. The trailer unfolds panels here and there, which mostly end up around his lower legs and forearms. Luckily, theyíre folded up so well that they donít appear as glaring kibble Ė itís not the cleanest thing in the world, but it works very well. Once you have Orion folded and the trailer unfolded, you can easily slide Orion into the armorís chest cavity. A simple spring-loaded button holds Orion in place snugly, and depressing a tab on Optimusí butt allows you to remove the figure with ease. The gimmick works surprisingly well, and I find going back and forth a breeze. I play with Orion more than I thought I would, simply because itís so easy to do. Huge win with this gimmick!

Optimus Primeís robot mode is a glorious thing. From pictures I have seen, the mode is comparable to the Masterpiece version (though obviously not as nice). The front on view is fantastic, though it does have some weak areas due to the gimmick: right around the chest there are some gaps because of where Orion locks in, and you can see panels folded on the backs of his lower legs and forearms. True to consistency, Optimus has a bit of a backpack too, with Orionís legs folded up there. Itís not a big deal though, and theyíre tucked in well enough to not create problems. Optimus isnít back heavy per se, but his ankles allow him to slip backward from time to time Ė mostly because heís a touch top heavy due to the smooshed Orion in his chest.

Aesthetically, all of the classic design elements can be found on Optimus, and theyíre molded well. Heís even got some faux smokestacks on his shoulders! The colors are spot on, and the paint (when present) is well applied. The same canít be said of the stickers on mine. The Autobot symbols on the shoulders are slightly off center, which is a shame. Heís got some other small stickers here and there that are in good shape though, and even some really tiny ones on his toes that just add to the nice detail. The head mold is great with fantastic blue eyes, and the rifle he comes with looks great as homage to the cartoon version. If you canít tell already, I really like the look of this figure!

Optimus, like Orion, has a fantastic range of articulation. You can put him in almost any pose without issue, bolstered by the superb range of movement in his ankles/feet. Absolutely nothing hinders his movement if you put in the time to get him there. If I had to nitpick, his neck doesnít have the range I would like (up/down), and his wrists do not contain swivels, the latter of which could have easily been put in. Adding to the fun is the Matrix playability. Opening his chest is a breeze, and I find myself putting the Matrix in and out a bunch simply because itís easy and fun to do. Oddly, you have to put the Matrix in upside down, as the orange tab on the one side bumps into plastic in the cavity. The center of the Matrix can also be removed and replaced with a Prime Master (or even a Titan Master, if you like) for added play value. Honestly, thereís so much fun stuff to do with Optimus I canít put him down. Heís got some really great modes and a lot of fun. Big win on this one!

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: I like the Evolution gimmick with Optimus. Getting back and forth is fun, and panels arenít even a chore with him. Itís enjoyable enough that I keep transforming him. 8/10.

Durability: Optimus is solid all around. The stickers will peel, but the construction is good. 8/10.

Fun: The truck mode, while not perfect, is still fun to roll around. Both robot modes are great, and the gimmick is simply entertaining and easy to do. Engineering the Matrix in is an added bonus. 10/10.

Aesthetics: Heís got some issues here and there, but in the end I think the design team made the right compromises. Both robot modes look fantastic Ė not Masterpiece quality, but pretty darn good. 9/10.

Articulation: Both robots have a stunning amount of range with no hindrance. Wrist twists would have been nice. 9/10.

Value/Price: For $45 USD, I would still recommend this guy. The gimmick works smoothly, the modes are good to great, and thereís a bunch of things to do with him. You get a lot in this package, which I canít say for all the Leader Class figures. 9/10.

Overall: Optimus is not perfect, but this figure makes me remember why l love Transformers. The gimmick is well done, the modes are good/great, and Optimus looks like Optimus should. Throw in a well done Orion Pax and a Matrix of Leadership and I am sold. In my opinion, you should seriously consider getting yourself one. 9/10.

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Some photos...
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Orion1.jpg
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Name:	Orion2.jpg
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And a few more...
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Name:	Semi1.jpg
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Name:	OpArt.jpg
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One with the Matrix
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Proofed! He looks pretty awesome. I like how scrappy he seems in places (adds to the charm) and from your description, looks to be a good update of Optimus, who's had to put up with some right dogs since G1.
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