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Old 2002-05-22, 03:41 AM   #1
Thumbs up "Another Heaven" movie op/rec (not a religious thread...or is it?)

Better get this out while its still fresh in my brain (pun intended).

Note: you will not get the above line if you have not seen the movie.

Anyways, if any of you like the X-Files or any other mysterious horror suspense thriller movie or TV show, you will definately like this movie. It even hints at a religious aspect, not to heavily though.

Incase you havent figured it out already, this is a movie (duh, thread name). I am giving you my opinion on it and I am recommending you see this film. However, one slight problem: this movie is foreign, and by that I mean if you dont live in Japan you're going to have a hard time seeing this, unless you find somewhere on the Internet where you can dl it, or purchase it over some site, or some sort of connection (aka, me, but that will also be a problem because of my bitchy ISP).

Anyway...back on topic now. This movie is very interesting, its not like Resident Evil or anything in which you'll urinate in your pants or something like that, this film does not have the power to freak you out. Its rahter comedic at times as well, at least the director threw that in there, possibly trying to drift away from its dark atmosphere for a few parts. Thats another thing, if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you have a paper bag in hand when/if you ever do see this. Some of the scenes are particularly disturbing and gruesome. Nothing I cant handle though .

Heres a small comedic excerpt near the beginning:

"Another murder, another empty head. Stew again?"
"Meat loaf?"
"Spaghetti sauce"

Well, it may not be funny displayed here but if you see it you will probably laugh. Infact, I think ill put that in my sig . The main story behind it is there is a killer some detectives are trying to find, but most of the suspects turn up dead, with missing...yes, that will do. So the search continues on to find out what -or it- is causing the deaths.

Im going to give it a rating here, and im going to give it a 4/5. Not quite perfect, but still, pretty good, very enjoyable. Check it out if you ever see it in stores by any chance (doubt it).

Remember, its called "Another Heaven."
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