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Old 2002-05-14, 09:02 PM   #1
thinks puppet Angel David Boreanaz is dreamy...
Bombshell's Avatar
...especially when he was kicking Spike's ass. ;)
Arrow Botcon 2002 Unicron statue!

Full size statue

Size compared to PVC's
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Old 2002-05-14, 10:38 PM   #2
One with the Matrix
Default Re: Botcon 2002 Unicron statue!

Originally posted by Bombshell
Size compared to PVC's
And how big is a PVC? In centimeters, please.
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Old 2002-05-15, 12:27 AM   #3
I Am Leeds
Dinobot's Avatar
Northern Ireland

Awesome. How can I get one of these?
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Old 2002-05-15, 01:33 AM   #4
Grandmaster Shockwaeve
Matrix Keeper
Grandmaster Shockwaeve's Avatar

A PVC is 7-8 cm.

It's very cool, but does anyone else think they could have chosen a better pose?

I doubt you can still get one of those... you could order one as part of preregistration for BC2002, or on the website for $150, but I think it was pretty limited...
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Old 2002-05-15, 03:50 PM   #5

Great statue...but like GS said, a better pose would have been nice, and in addition, is that supposed to be Cybertron he's standing on? Must be one of Cybertron's flat open praries...
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Old 2002-05-15, 03:53 PM   #6
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar
Smile Check out...

...eBay shortly after BotCon if you're really serious, but it'll cost ya.

edit: Nope, I ain't very impressed personally. It seems to be about as detailed as a PVC, just larger. Especially the wings.
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Old 2002-05-15, 04:51 PM   #7
Danny Cipriani > You
Jetfire's Avatar
Hard traveling hero.
Thumbs up

I don't think the pose is too bad. I'm guessing centre of Gravity to avoid falling over and such had to be considerations in making a PVC that huge.
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Old 2002-05-15, 04:53 PM   #8
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar
Wink Um...

...isn't it painted resin, or pewter, or summat?
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Old 2002-05-16, 12:05 AM   #9
Registered User
Chicago, IL

i think it was going for 300$ , i mean its cool but thats a crazy price
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Old 2002-05-16, 12:16 AM   #10

Not bad, not bad at all.
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Old 2002-05-16, 01:41 AM   #11
The Green Knight
Private office on top of the TF Archive Bar & Gril

It's nice, but the price range is insane. I don't care how unique it is; it's still a dustcollector.

I think they should have done everything in their power to get Neo-Unicron instead of a statue.
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Old 2002-05-28, 07:47 PM   #12
Registered User
Default Unicron

Ok, I want to clear a few things up about the statue.

1) it is over 14 1/2 " tall and about 12" wide (with the wings).

2) It is made by the people at Hard Hero Enterprises, the ones responsible for the awesome busts.

3) It is made of cold cast porcelain, similar to resin.

4) It is only available if you order from the Botcon website. You don't have to attend the convention to get it though. They will ship it to you if you aren't going.

5) it is only limited to about 2,000 pcs.

6) it is $150 plus shipping (if you need it). That may seem like alot but compare it to the Bowen busts or statues.

I've already ordered mine. Yeah $150 is alot of money but look at what you are getting. Is it Neo-Unicron? No. But it is Unicron. And it may not look very detailed in the pictures but I have all of the released busts and they do an awesome job. They all look great, especially Megatron and the upcoming Ironhide bust. You can only assume that the Unicron statue would be just as good. Hard Hero is also working on a number of busts that they don't have listed an their website and a statue of Arcee is in the works. There is no doubt in my mind that this piece is going to rock and be worth the money.

It may be a dust collector as one person put it, but it's a display piece and a darn good one. Check out the Botcon website for all of the info on it. Most of what's in this thread is incorrect information. And no I don't work for Botcon or Hard Hero. I just noticed that the people on this thread were blasting the piece on mis-information.
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Old 2002-06-08, 12:14 AM   #13
Default horns on his head

the horns on his head are too long.

-Alan (Astrotrain)
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