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Old 2002-06-20, 09:29 AM   #1
Danny Cipriani > You
Jetfire's Avatar
Hard traveling hero.
Lightbulb Is it true? (computer question)

That any information ever put on your computer can be recovered?
How does this work?

I was also told it does every webpage ever viewed also?

Is there anywhere I can get the softwhere/download or whatever to do it?
I'd be intresting.

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Old 2002-06-20, 09:51 AM   #2
Matrix Keeper
Addl's Avatar

no jetts... that is a fairy tale for big-eyed-backyard kids like you.

sure, if you delete a file, it is not gone... jsut marked as "gone"... not linked. THis you can recover easily as long as you don't write any new data over the exact memory positions.

If you hold your hard drive between magnets, the data will be lost aswell... in terms of data you can use. Fragments still remain, while other memory parts now have random settings which in a whole doesn't make sense. But still, it is possilbe to recover those fragments not wiped out.

That is the job of companies who try to pull as much undamaged fragments out of damaged (magnetic, fire, force, etc.) drives.

But, if the memory setting (0/1;on/off,yes/no) is changed by a new data written over that memory area, it is lost.

But I am no IT guy, so this all be a lie and I know Jack 'bout it.... and maybe I misunderstood your question.... in that case,

Isch bin dabbei!
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Old 2002-06-20, 10:08 AM   #3
Danny Cipriani > You
Jetfire's Avatar
Hard traveling hero.

It's just I herd that its possible to use certain softwhere (or hardwhere I don't know) recover any electronic data even if it can't be naturally recovered e.g old Word documents, visited webpages etc etc. I have any clue as I know Jack even less than you but if might be true thereno harm in asking the expert information available on this board

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Old 2002-06-20, 11:45 AM   #4
sprites touch
Registered User
Gobotron, smiting the little bastards

What Addl said sounds about right, there are companies who retrive data from burned HDs and such, its very expencive and only a very important data is retrived that way(home users don't bother, just make backups all the time). I was told that the only way to make sure a cd is unreadable ever is to put it in a microwave. with today technology and multi layering, who knows what can be done.
for further information, seek the guidance of the sage named denyer

Having a smart mouth gets me in a lot of stupid $#!t.
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Old 2002-06-20, 12:23 PM   #5
Registered User

Addl is right. My ex-girlfriend who wants to kill me snagged my laptop (after i deleted everything), had her tech friend recover all my old deleted files, and got all my passwords for everything including my main email account. I even had to password protect my checking account because of that.

"'If you die,' you said, 'so do I,' you said, but it ends the day you understand, there is no forever, just this."
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Old 2002-06-20, 03:23 PM   #6
TF @ The Moon
Registered User
The Moon

Sorry folks Jetfire is sort of right. You can never fully wipe a Hard Disk unless you physically destroy it. Its something to do with the MBA (of is that MBF I forget). I forget exactly how it works, its not so much that you can put the files back as they were I think, but there are equipment (I think its hardware more thasn software) that you need to get it to work. Damn should have paid more attention rayther than watching that blone go past outside

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Old 2002-06-20, 03:25 PM   #7
The Green Knight
Private office on top of the TF Archive Bar & Gril

There are overwrite programs that can trash the file completely before deleting it, overwriting that space with junk, random data, and then deleting it, so even if the file is recovered via undelete, there's nothing left of it.
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Old 2002-06-20, 04:17 PM   #8
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar

Try taking Drive Rescue for a spin. It's free...

Read the system files stuff at:

And if you have anything you really don't want recoverable, short of a miracle, try:

There are lots of other freeware things which have GUIs, but I prefer to batch file processes like that...basically, overwriting data will make it irretrievable in the vast majority of cases. For some data, it's best to do it a few times [insert lengthy spiel about magnetic retention here].
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Old 2002-06-20, 06:27 PM   #9
Magical Truthsaying Turtle
Halfshell's Avatar
Don't complain to me. I don't care.

Mhm... basic principle is true.

No file you delete is ever actually deleted... just the route to it is removed...

Think of yer PC as a book... each piece of info is a page, and that page is found by referring to an index... when you delete something, it just removes the entry from the index... the info is still there somewhere, it just gets ignored...

Very very simplified analogy, but it's the principle...

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Old 2002-06-20, 07:16 PM   #10
Claypool's Avatar

so is there a way to get something back i just delted, I accidently deleted an MP3 i though was the one that get cancelled, but it wasnt.........
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