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Old 2007-03-02, 09:44 AM   #1
Shooty Dog Thing
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Nick Roche:

Including a Target 2006 cover showcasing the Wreckers...

...the Kup book looks really, really fun. Kup himself -- well, check out the images.

Chris Ryall and Simon Furman:

Reminder that after a printing problem, Movie Prequel #1 will be out on the 7th.

Large preview pages:

Haven't had chance to read through the interview segments myself yet, but I assume there'll be spoilers.
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Old 2007-03-02, 02:51 PM   #2
One with the Matrix

Originally posted by Denyer
Kup himself -- well, check out the images.
IIRC those images were from Kup's "nightmare".
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Old 2007-03-02, 05:23 PM   #3
the_escaflowne_2k's Avatar
Under a cloud, no atlas though [Manchester].

Really liking the look of this, may actually have stump some money for one of these 'ere comics finally.
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Old 2007-03-02, 05:28 PM   #4
There ain't no Sanity Clause
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Now that I've seen a couple complete pages, with color and inking, I think the stylized look of the Kup Spotlight (i.e. skinny Kup) is a welcome departure from what Roche has done so far (though his work has always had a stylized feel to it anyways).
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