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Old 2018-07-07, 06:13 PM   #1
Default bw fans unite at sdcc for bringing mps

hi guys, if some beast wars fans are going to sdcc lets make our voice ear, with the recent announcement of beast wars megatron mp , i remenber the old days when we get mp-10 at 120 at toyrus lets make our voice ear at the transformers design panel, for example, that someone ask about beast wars and a lot of people show the support by raising the hand or saying something, please guys lets do this imagine getting beast megatron online at bbts or hasbrotoyshop at 120 yeah he would got less things and a paint similar to telemocha or toy deco but it would be the mold we want, but also lets suggest them that began with them not with cheetor or primal since a lot of us already got them and it would end up affecting their sales
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