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Default TFC Ares Fix Advice

Predaking is my favorite combiner. After looking through all the third party sets and the upcoming hasbro release for POTP, Ares is the nicest looking version out of the bunch. I keep seeing review mention an issue with his stability in combined mode though. Does anyone on here have any experience with the Ares set or know of a fix for tightening the joints or something? Cuz he's one sexy beast of a bot.
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I don't have Ares and haven't really read much about it, but I do have three other TFC sets: Devastator, Superion, and Liokaiser. Assuming that it's not a problem particular to Ares, the unsteadiness usually commented about them is that they use the same kind of connectors that the Energon/Superlink combiners did. Those connectors work fine for that size of a combiner, but a roughly Unicron-sized figure with components made out of voyagers needs a system that's less wobbly. That said, I've always thought the complaints were greatly overstated. The combiner joints aren't perfectly stable by any means, but they don't fail in a light breeze, either. For example, here's Liokaiser withstanding a mauling from my cat Charlie (who is now full grown, by the way):

I believe they finally switched to a new port system for their Piranhacon, though.
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