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Old 2015-09-29, 01:01 PM   #1
Cool Mechanoids - Transforming Robot Gamebook

Hello everyone, and apologies for cross-posting.

I'm posting to promote my new gamebook, Mechanoids: Fight or Die. This is an entry in the 2015 Windhammer Prize for short gamebook fiction. It is a transforming robot adventure with many homages to the Generation 1 comic and cartoon (particularly the Cybertron portions), though it's original fiction set in a different universe. It's set on a planet of giant robots divided into two factions, locked in an endless civil war. You the player can take on the role of a heroic robot of one of four different body types with different alt-modes. Can you free your buddy from the dreaded Slagpit , find the key to the supercomputer at the planet's core, and make it out with your robotic life intact? Battle enemy Hunter-planes, robotic animals, mutant mechanical insects, zombies and the enemy leader himself, and explore ruined cities, underground bars, tunnel networks and metallic terrain.

You can play the gamebook here: TransFans may also be interested to play 'Spot the Furmanism' I've hidden all the Wiki-listed Furmanisms somewhere in the text. If you like it, please vote for me, instructions at, you need to vote for at least three entries. There are 16 entries, including another robot story, a sci-fi entry, and a number of fantasy and historical pieces.

Till all are one!
Andy Moonowl
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