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Old 2018-11-11, 06:19 PM   #61

Guys what do you think about "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"?
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Old 2018-11-15, 07:36 PM   #62
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Kidderminster UK

Thought it was a good'un.

This week's in India was the best so far and a real return to form after a couple of mediocre episodes. Looks like the heights of the Chibnall era are going to be the more thoughtful and introspective historical stuff. The monster was a bit forced, but otherwise a good'un.
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Old Yesterday, 08:05 PM   #63
One with the Matrix
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Agreed. The monsters felt horribly tacked on and I think Who has always struggled with having to have something fantastical in it, as if it feels the need to justify itself or maybe with the thought that the audience will get bored and wander off.
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