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Default PotP Alchemist Prime & Submarauder

Name: Alchemist Prime & Submarauder
Subgroup: Power of the Primes
Size Class: Prime Master

The Prime Master of Alchemist Prime grants bots mystical scientific abilities. How will the Autobots and Decepticons use these vast scientific powers? Anything is possible and everything is at stake when the Power of the Primes is unleashed!

I swore to myself that I wasnít going to buy any more Prime Masters after Metalhawk. Then after several impulse purchases here and there (hey, for $5 while Iím shopping for other random items, why not?) I ended up with all eight of the main retail Prime Masters. Mind you, I didnít own any of the originals, nor did I even know they existed back then. But here we are in 2018, and Iíve grown fond of these guys, even though they donít do a whole lot. My son likes them too, so maybe thatís why I continue to grab them. Submarauder is pretty fun, even though the design itself adds nothing new of special to the Prime Masters line.

Pretender Mode:

There isnít much to do with these Pretender shells besides standing there with a touch of arm movementÖ the real judgement comes from sculpted details, paint apps, and likeness to the original. From those points, Submarauder does just fine. The sculpting well done with little details all over like scales and such, and unlike the inner Prime Master (more on that later) there are some decent paint apps here and there. The shell has some nicely done red eyes, orange Ďgillsí, blue torso parts, and a pink belt (with a tiny ĎCon logo as a belt buckle!). The only deco missing from the original is the green spots on the arms and legs. Thereís enough here to make the figure look really nice while being a fine update to the original toy.

Weapon Mode:

Submarauderís weapon mode is a trident. This at least makes sense as far as underwater/oceanic things go, and isnít some sort of nonsensical deadly garden rake (lookiní at you Skullgrin & Bomb-burst). I find the trident to be a bit goofy for figures to wield on its own, but when jacked into the Ďbucklerí parts that come with Voyagers, the mode becomes a little more fun and seemingly more useful. At least now thereís a use for those combiner feet when theyíre not combined! On the downside, there isnít much paint around to spruce it up, except for a tiny bit of pink applied to the trident forks.

Alchemist Prime:

Alchemist Prime is standard as far as these little guys go. The molded detail is fine, but paint apps are scarce and leave him looking quite bland Ė even a painted face would do wonders. The figure is a blend of white and light blue plastic, with some black dabs on his back for this Prime symbol. Itís also disappointing that the Alchemist Prime couldnít have a closer plastic color to the original inner figure, which was mostly pink with light blue. I think thatís a missed opportunity, and an easy one to have been done. This one charts up as a big Ďmehí.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: There really isnít a transformation, per se. It does what it needs to do. 5/10.
Durability: Solid all around. 8/10.
Fun: You wonít be endlessly occupied, but in the grand scheme of cross-play, Submarauder & AP do fairly well. 7/10.
Aesthetics: Submarauder looks great and is a fine update of the original. More paint apps on Alchemist would have helped a lot. 6/10.
Articulation: These werenít designed to have articulation, so there isnít much to judge here. 5/10.
Value/Price: These come on the cheap, but the real joy is found with cross-play with other figures. 6/10.
Overall: Submarauder is better than some of the other Prime Masters, but the bar wasnít set high. If you have to choose one or two of the set, I would peg Submarauder as a good choice. 7/10.
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