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Default Gen. Cyber Battalion Shockwave ***Proofed by Skyquake***

Name: Shockwave
Function: Military Operations Commander
Subgroup: Generations Cyber Battalion (Walgreens Exclusive)
Size Class: Cyber Battalion ~ Voyager

There's no limit to the evil this Decepticon scientist can create.

Shockwave is a character that I would consider a fan favorite. He is the loyal Decepticon commander that stayed back on Cybertron while Megs and the rest were globe-trotting around Earth in the days of the original cartoon; that’s where I would wager most people identify with the character. Personally, I don’t have much affinity for him, but if you list the classic Decepticons from the Generation 1 era, he’s right up there with Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave. He’s always had a unique look – that cyclops eye is definitely what most people recognize. I’ve been itching to get a more classic version of Shockwave up on the shelf with the rest of my Generations styled figures, but the opportunity hadn’t presented itself until recently (save for doling out a good bit of cash on an MP or 3rd Party figure). I was willing to make some concessions for a less expensive version of Shockwave, and to be honest, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Alternate Mode:

Shockwave’s alternate mode is that of a Cybertronian/Sci-Fi space cruiser. It’s essentially a non-descript space ship, but it does have a few features that give it the space ship feel – vents/intakes, wings, rocket boosters, etc. The alt mode has a blocky front end which is reminiscent of Shockwave’s origins as a laser pistol, and I think the look fits nicely. The rest of the mode doesn’t do much to replicate the original version, with the possible exception of the faux head/cockpit (cast in a lighter purple) that is slightly reminiscent of the targeting sight from the old laser pistol mode. The downside to the new space ship mode is that Shockwave’s arms simply hang off the back – presumably to emulate rocket boosters, but you’ll have to use your imagination. In all, the mode is passable, though it does a moderate job of looking like a space cruiser.

There’s a nice mix of two purples here: one is the traditional purple, the other is a touch lighter, which is mostly the rubbery cast plastic parts, but also in some metallic paint apps in the same shade. Nicely applied silver paint apps are also around, as is a nice tampo-style Decepticon symbol. I’m impressed by the quality of the minimal paint apps on this ‘budget’ figure.

Robot Mode:

As you would expect, Shockwave is simple to transform between modes. My five year old son has no issues going back and forth, as there aren’t any tricky sequences to be found. It’s quick and decently fun. That’s the point with this line of figures.

Shockwave’s robot mode poses a striking silhouette of the character, hitting nearly all the marks you’d expect from Shockwave. The head and chest sculpting are of particular note, as is they do a great job of looking like the original cartoon model. Both of these nail the figure well, as do the arms and legs. The arm cannon looks great, and the only thing I can say is missing is the tube typically connected to the arm cannon. Paint apps, though somewhat sparse, are all well applied and do a great job of breaking up the monotonous purple. The head has a black paint inset with the yellow cyclops eye, just as it should, and it pops really well. Honestly, the only knock I have on the figure (which is also true of Jetfire from this line) is the lack of proper knees. Shockwave does have knee swivels, but no knee bend. I bought the figure with the complete understanding that sacrifices have been made to hit the target price point ($17 USD instead of the traditional Voyager cost of $25 USD), but proper knees would have been so nice!

All in all, I’m really impressed with the quality of Shockwave, and I’m glad to have him on my shelf. If you’re looking for a Shockwave that is a great representation of the G1 character on a dime, this is the way to go. Just realize that this figure will not have all the bells and whistles of something in the main Generations line. You can always get this one as a stop gap until something more articulated comes around.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: It does a decent job with the price point, though nothing is outstanding. 6/10.

Durability: Very solid all around. For a ‘budget’ figure line, everything feels nice. 8/10.

Fun: Knees would have bumped this sucker right up to the top. As is, he’s still pretty good. 6/10.

Aesthetics: Robot mode is fantastic. The alt mode is simply OK. Robot mode wins out on this one. 8/10.

Articulation: Not a whole lot of articulation in the legs, but the arms have a good range, except that they don’t twist anywhere. 5/10.

Value/Price: Compared to other pricier options, Shockwave does just fine. He stands on my shelf and that’s all I expected him to do when I bought him. I do wish they were priced about $2 cheaper though. 7/10.

Overall: I think Shockwave would be a great addition to your collection, if you’re willing to concede on articulation. He looks fantastic in robot mode, and has a passable alt mode. For a ‘budget’ line figure, the paint apps and construction are really well done. I would heartily recommend him if you don’t have a Shockwave, but I do so knowing what the line is aimed at. 8/10.
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One with the Matrix
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He looks really nice! I've only seen the rather horrible Prowl, Optimus and Bumblebee figures, but he looks really good. Good review too!
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Old 2018-09-06, 02:55 PM   #3
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Thanks! I added in the short bio from the box too. Forgot that little nugget.

Also, I don't know why, but my vertical photos are fine on my PC, but they rotate to horizontal when I upload. Weird. Guess I will just start taking them all horizontally!

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