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Old 2018-11-17, 07:55 AM   #1
Default Looking for an old fan fiction story. Can anyone help?

Reading that 'Deviations' story involving Optimus Prime surviving the 'Battle of Autobot City', reminded me of an old fan fiction story I read once... long time ago... which was another 'What If?' involving the Animated Movie. I can't seem to find it... or know where to look. Can anyone here help?

I'm morbidly curious about it now. So maybe I'm crazy? ANYWAY...

The basic premise ends with Arcee becoming the next Prime. Arcimus Prime if memory serves. I think it was one of the first times I had heard of that kind of concept.

Except, it was a pretty DARK story for the time. Probably why it stuck with me so long. NOTE, going by MEMORY alone on this, of a story I maybe read TWICE.

So bear with me.

Basically everything that could go wrong DID go wrong in this alternate reality story. Hot Rod's attempt to help Prime ends with both him AND Optimus getting ****ed up by Megatron. And somehow, the reasons/causes allude me, but somehow Hot Rod (maybe taken hostage to facilitate a better escape? I dunno...) is not only present on Astrotrain but gets also jettisoned with the wounded Decepticons & Megatron. He too gets 'reformated' by Unicron... though memory tells me it wasn't exactly willingly... and whatever came through in the end was at war with his still living consciousness and the 'new' programming.

The only other things I remember is that when they're all inside Unicron at the end, young Daniel Witwicky's attempts to save his father Spike (who had been captured previously) ends catastrophically, and the poor child basically gets traumatized seeing/hearing his father being dropped into Unicron's smelting pit stomach.

And even though Arcee is the one who becomes Prime, her time being connected to the Matrix reveals to her that it was meant to be Hot Rod or something. *shrugs*

Anyone know of the story I'm talking about? Sound familiar? Or where I can look? It's an old story... so I assume it'd need to involve a Transformers fan-fiction library that's pretty thorough... or maybe the 'Wayback Machine'? I dunno.
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Old 2018-11-17, 01:49 PM   #2
Auntie Slag
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It might be worth checking out Lexicon. Its a site full of very good Transformers fanfic. I tried a few searches for the story you mentioned by using their search field, and others using their filters but couldn't come up with anything similar sounding. As far as I'm aware Lexicon is one of the more well known TF fanfic sites.

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Old 2018-11-19, 10:52 PM   #3
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Usenet archaeology:!fo...s.transformers

Transformers: Alterations by Dan McCollum?

Warning: can't see a post for part 6 of 7. Guessing it was posted on 14/06/1997 and didn't propagate to the archive Google picked up for whatever reason. So this is sort of a Doctor Who "missing story" situation. The Deja News archive that became Groups isn't the only one, but it's the most comprehensive.!se...A/QWkDa06anTgJ!se...g/Og0sEn2o25wJ!se...g/d2XI0tKOzwkJ!se...A/KdmG6unR2TEJ!se...o/GwBYYPyc7HcJ
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