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Old 2018-11-09, 01:17 PM   #1
Default My Girlfriend Wants To Drive

Guys sorry for a bit strange question to this community, but what kind of car could you give to your girlfriend to learn to drive? In my opinion, the best choise is any low-priced SUV, for example, Tata Nexon or Ford EcoSport. The purpose of gift is to help her become a good driver. So, the car must be hard, high quality and durable, isn't it? What other parameters are important, besides features listed above? I look forward to your replies.

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Old 2018-11-11, 06:04 PM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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The fact that you've leaped to SUV suggests America? In which case size relative to other vehicles on the road is going to be a factor, and may invalidate my suggestion.

Over here, despite the dealerships being a bit shit (though that goes for most manufacturers; you're better sourcing your own parts) I've been happy enough with Nissan's K12 series onwards Micras. Fairly roomy for a small town car, and pretty robust (my sister walked away from a weather-related accident in one that many cars wouldn't have allowed for). Very maneuverable, parks in places you wouldn't be able to with a penis-extension-mobile, not really designed for a lot of motorway driving but happy enough at up to 100mph. Switch out the wiper assembly, third-party ones are better.

Manual, obviously. Whatever you choose later it's counter-productive to learn in an automatic. If you're feeling generous go for something with parking sensors but don't forget that the more whizz-bang hardware the more expensive repairs are.

I'd also strongly suggest something with a traditional mechanical brake, and **** built-in consoles/satnavs, they're just a scam to bilk customers into ongoing contracts.
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