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Megatron gave Sixshot a sidelong glance, making sure that his fellow Decepticon was holding position, but ready for action, before he addressed Liokaiser again.

"What help does one such as you need from us?"

Misfire sat on the ground in jet mode, not wanting to take to the air and draw the combiner's attention, but also really not wanting to return to robot mode and combine with Aimless until his Titan Master partner had recovered from the painful stings.

"Oh, I bet Triggerhappy never has to put up with this..." he muttered.

"I -- ow! -- I heard that!" Aimless shouted back in between itching.

Underground Chamber

Hardhead fired again at the lurching Centurion, trying to knock it down and out of the fight.

"Careful!" Furos told him. "Chromedome is practically in your line of fire!"

"Do NOT question my aim," Hardhead responded icily as his autoloader set another round in the chamber.
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Sixshot gave a brief nod to Megatron, acknowledging the Decepticon leader's glance, but kept his attention solely focused on Liokaiser.

This was not something he knew how to handle. Not really -- a Combiner that was able to... think? Highly interesting, Sixshot thought privately to himself. It seemed highly illogical, but so was a Transformer with more than a single alternate form, not too long ago, and yet here he stood.
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