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Old 2018-06-04, 09:09 PM   #1
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar
Thumbs up Requiem of the Wreckers?

Definitely felt like the rest of the Sins storyline that was needed, and continues a fine tradition of getting Senior back for the end of things. Roche's art is really on point as well.

Warming to the last few pages. Considering the wringer that IDW have (and seem to be) putting the continuity through, treating this as the end is palatable if a bit rushed.

"Be better." -- Wildstorm reference, do we think? Although hearing Chris Barrie's voice rather than Jenny Sparks.

Struggling to find a paper copy in the UK, have taken a punt on
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Old 2018-06-04, 09:52 PM   #2
Red Dave Prime
Assistant Comic Reviewer
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I feel it could have done with a few extra pages but it does give a nice end to the wreckers.

Makes me wonder what the point of overlords showing up in MTMTE. That really feels like over egging now.
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