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Old 2018-05-27, 12:12 PM   #1
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Default TLK Hot Rod *Proofed, Ganon, 8/29/2018*

Name: Hot Rod
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Brash Warrior

Bio: Autobot Hot Rod doesn't look back on the victories he's won, only the feats yet to come. The relentless warrior charges full force into a firefight, eager to encounter his next chance to be a hero.

Along with Cogman, Hot Rod was one of the new good guys introduced in The Last Knight who wasn't an irritating oaf. Though your tolerance of his 'Allo 'Allo style funny French accent may vary. Had a cool time slowing gun too. The character as seen on film bore little resemblance to his 1980s namesake whose bio the toy cribs, being more of a guardian and stealth warrior of sorts, protecting and assisting Edmund Burton. I liked the character as seen on screen for wrestling the name of Hot Rod away from the eternal precipice of destiny his original counterpart tends to get lumbered with; and for just being a fun, lively character.

Continuing the various movie lines frustrating releases, Hot Rod ended up washing up here in the UK as an Asda exclusive. The toy is an extensive retool of Age Of Extinction Lockdown, although I didn't know this, as I wasn't interested in Lockdown as a toy (no gun face, plus grey = snoozeville).

Robot mode: Taken at face value, Hot Rod looks like an upscaled Legends toy, there's just something about how 'standing up straight' he looks that belies his articulation. Those hands don't help, for sure. They're really nicely sculpted, but look like the sort of simplistic clip hands the Legion class have. Turns out he's got some decent posing power, which is a relief when you're paying a premium. The detailing is really nice, with some excellent sculpted details, especially in his legs, head and er, crotch. Kibble is kept to a minimum, giving him a very sleek look and he's topped off with a simple but effective paint job silver and orange where required, plus blue for his eyes. Shame he's no gun though.

Alternate Mode: Hot Rod transforms into a Lamborghini Centenario, and it's a beautiful looking thing. I absolutely love the alt-mode. It's slick, looks good, and has some nice choppy shaping to it, which means it doesn't look like some boring gloop like a lot of modern sports cars are. It looks smart done up in black, with just that neat flash of orange running along the skirt of the thing. Topped off with some nice tinted up windows and painted hubs and this thing looks amazing. It rolls fantastically too, something not so many of Hasbro's vehicular Transformers do these days.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation design: Easily one of the best of the recent movie transformations, despite being a panel former. Everything just clips nicely into place, without having to locate various tabs and sockets. He collapses into a very solid looking vehicle too, which is great. 9/10

Articulation: Hot Rod has enough to do something other than stand still, but it's nothing a Legends / Basic figure doesn't have, aside from some ankle pivot. 6/10

Durability: Two small panels that make up the top of the doors feel a bit bothersome if you're not careful, other than that, he's pretty tough. 9/10

Fun: Good character, decent robot mode and a fantastic alt mode that rolls well make for a great toy. 9/10

Aesthetics: Hot Rod's robot mode is a bit gangly and bug-eyed, which can be off putting, something that all that vibrant silver paint really draws attention to. In vehicle mode, he's a stunner though. 6/10

Value/ Price : Same as the other Premier editions, Hot Rod commands 22.99 or thereabouts brand new. His store exclusive nature means he's not been marked down or featured in sales like others in the line, so if don't want to pay full wack, the secondary market might be your best bet. Unlike Bumblebee and the Dinobots, he's felt worth the money and I think he might be the best Deluxe class figure from the line. 8/10

Overall: His comedy stylings in the movie will probably make Hot Rod difficult to like, and I'm sure someone somewhere is upset about the appropriation of the name, but as a toy, he's fantastic. Despite looking really, really weird. 7/10

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Proofed. Nice and easy to read review.

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