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Old 2009-04-09, 12:28 PM   #1
Default Max Dinos #5 Preview

The preview is up on comicscontinuum

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Old 2009-04-09, 12:49 PM   #2
Magical Truthsaying Turtle
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Don't complain to me. I don't care.
Red face

Lovely stuff.

Scorponok vs Shockwave brings back joyous Marvel overtones. And that panel of Shockers blasting him is just fab beyond words.

Wondered how Sludge would get his moment in the sun given he was just offed. Now I know. Groovy. Actual death! Assuming it sticks.

When did the Dinobots have time to read Shakespeare? Same time they were riffing on Caesar maybe?

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Old 2009-04-10, 12:59 PM   #3
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This is the proof that true characterization can be obtained with sharp and to-the-point phrases in the middle of the action, without resorting to pages after pages of inane chatter with hyper-verbose and jolting dialogues ("bla bla bla only five ships." "Five." "Yes, five, is there an echo in here?").

Originally Posted by Halfshell View Post
Scorponok vs Shockwave brings back joyous Marvel overtones.
I agree.
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Old 2009-04-12, 01:26 PM   #4
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Wow Grimlock admitting fault and taking responsibility. Didn't ever think that was possible. Scorpy and shockwave battling again is sweet.

Overall I like the artwork for this but somethign is bothering me and I can't put a finger on it.
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