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Old 2018-05-27, 01:48 AM   #201
inflatable dalek
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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
That just makes me feel horribly old (albums play at 33 and singles, generally, at 45 rpm).

The amazing thing is I ended up getting three brand new albums on LP to go with the player, and one of them was ****ed to buggery from the start. That's not a great sell.

Unless Elton's new greatest hits is supposed to open with a most mash of all of side A.
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Old 2018-05-27, 10:14 AM   #202
One with the Matrix
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If it's the new Elton John one, where it's modern pop star reinterpretations of his back catalogue, then yeah, it's probably supposed to sound like that...

The Slits 'Cut' (1981)
Still the only Slits album to ever get reissued (annoyingly, since 'Return to the Valley of The Giant Slits' is brilliant), this is nevertheless a decent entry point into The Slits wild and chaotic sound. Budgie's solid drumming underpins everything, stopping the record veering too far off into weirdness. I love Ari Up's almost barked vocals and the sort of swirly, kaleidoscope sound they have.

Duran Duran 'Rio' (1982)
The album with probably the most '80s looking cover ever - pop art as done by Athena. It's a spot on pop record, unashamed of its superficial nature and all the more joyful for it. There's a bit of pathos with 'The Chauffeur' which closes the album, but othewise it's pop glory all the way. This 2005 reissue chucks in some US remixes of the singles, which aren't sufficiently different enough to make them feel essential.

Killing Joke 'Fire Dances' (1983)
Setting into a fine groove on this, their fourth album, Fire Dances is a glorious thundering beast of an album. Whilst their output to date had been great, this just dials things up a notch. Brilliant stuff, smoldering, clattery and broody. Its the sort of sound that I can hear in a lot of the style and production that came to characterise metal in the US - that clean, sharp, expansive (and, whisper it) radio friendly sound that certainly British metal lacked in this era. This 2008 reissue chucks in non-album single 'Me Or You', it's b-side and versions of 'Dominator' and 'The Gathering', plus a few Peel Sessions.

Dream Wife 'Dream Wife' (2018)
Excellent fresh-sounding indie/punk. Hasn't been off my stereo since I bought it, it's such a good album. Absolutely love them. Smart, funny, take-no-shit songs lit up with some excellent perfunctory playing. Direct, to the point and FUN.

Ministry 'Amerikkkant' (2018)
Much like George Bush Snr's gung-ho presidency was ripe for satire on their excellent 'Psalm 69' (probably not what the album's called, but most folk refer to it as such), so the antics of Trump are firmly in Ministry's sights here. It seems to have given the band a shot in the arm too, as they seem much more relevant again. Although I say this as something of a lapsed fan, as I tuned out around the time of 'Dark Side Of The Spoon'. Sonically, not much has changed in the world of Ministry, which is kind of comforting and there's not much in the way of development from their early '90s heyday, but its still a well honed and well delivered album that carries an air of embarrassment and frustration at current US politics.

Paradise Lost 'Medusa' (2017)
Fantastically doomy gothic opus that received rave reviews last year. Not hard to see why, this is probably PL's most assured album for sometime. I like that it's one of those albums where you can't pick out a favourite song because they all hang together so well, and the titles, man 'Gods Of Aincent', 'The Longest Winter', 'No Passage For The Dead' - all brilliant, full on goth. Love it.

Belly 'Dove' (2018)
Oh my God. I was so excited to find out Belly had got back together. Easily my favourite band of the whole grunge / US alt-rock explosion hearlded by Nirvana. Second album 'King' was my favourite thing ever and used as a great antidote to the tide of same-old same-old Britpop was churning out. And I had a massive crush on Tanya Donnelly, I'm not ashamed to say. I was sad when they broke up, and this album here... well, it just rolls back the years. It follows straight on from where the band were at in '95. Lovely, glorious shimmery, melancholic sounding pop. Fantastic.
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