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Old 2003-01-14, 11:05 PM   #1
Ultimate Weapon
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The End of Time
Default Disney Starscream reissue!

Starscream will now be available at Disney outlet stores for a limited production run of 500 pieces worldwide.
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Old 2003-01-14, 11:36 PM   #2
Registered User
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What? No! We can't stop here! This is bat country!

Does that mean he'll break out in song every so often and do a really stupid dance number?
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Old 2003-01-14, 11:54 PM   #3
'Oh mist-filled pits,
dark dank unclear,
touch all before me
with frost-fingered fear'
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Narnia?... nope, just a wardrobe...

Does he still transform into a jet? Or is it Mickey in Disguise?
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Old 2003-01-15, 12:02 AM   #4
Ultimate Weapon
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The End of Time

Megatron is more like Mickey Mouse. I think Starscream has the attitude and dialogue ala Donald Duck.
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Old 2003-01-19, 08:56 AM   #5

Disney should not be involved with anything TF related, its just common sense.
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Old 2003-01-19, 08:58 AM   #6
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New Zealand

Hahaha not gonna happen, but would be funny though(and I hope they dont but the way hasbro is going, it could happen!) You all probably heard that the Disney Starscream is not a limited edition. 500 items is what is considered the first shipment of the TF. Difference between them is the disney sticker only! He transforms from Jet to Robot and back(sorry guys no Donald Duck mode ) Apparently he can be bought off disney for $30US or something like that. So to conclude Disney Starscream is just Hasbro Starscream with a small disney sticker and according to what I heard in is not limited.
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Old 2003-01-19, 01:02 PM   #7
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This is an excerpt from a post on made by Tony Bacala (owner of

And what was said was this, by the Area Manager to Disney Downtown. Hasbro helps Disney with their merch in the store's they run at and around park areas, since they are the main lisencee for their movie products. So, Hasbro products are sold there as well. The Hasbro reissue Starscream is a Toys R US exclusive, and therefore is normally not sold in any other store. But since this is basically a Hasbro store, small amounts of other store exclusives are sold there. The rep stated that there was a run of 15,000 total, and the Disney stores were allotted 500. The other 14,500 are on their way to TRU warehouses right now. All merchandise that comes direct from a source not designated specifically for Disney stores has a Dinsey sticker put on them.

This should clarify a bit.
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Old 2003-01-21, 12:34 PM   #8
Cellar Door
Cliffjumper's Avatar

Read and laugh at the guy who paid twice as much as the bloody thing's worth and got all tetchy. stupid people make me laff so much...
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Old 2003-03-12, 01:54 AM   #9
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the bowels of Cybertron

I managed to get him as the TRU exclusives not the Disney one. Although it wouldn't have mattered to me if the only difference is a Disney sticker.
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Old 2003-03-12, 03:14 AM   #10
Sir Auros
Hardcore Gamer
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Virginia, USA

BWAHAHAHA. That is hilarious. Pretty bad that the guy announced it as a Disney exclusive like that though...
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