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Old 2003-01-17, 07:56 PM   #1
Magical Truthsaying Turtle
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Don't complain to me. I don't care.
Smile Armada UK News [tv, toys, etc]

Judging by the new edition of "Toys 'n' Playthings" (ExCel Toyfair special edition), Hasbro UK are really going all-out on Armada. Which is good.

Not only do they use it as the lead line on their full-page "Consumer Products" (licensed goods) advert (above Action Man and My Little Pony), but they've also got a full-page ad specifically for the line, almost begging stores to carry the line.

All new range

Huge licensing programme including apparel & publishing

TV Advertised

TV Programming

Massive sales opportunities
They also plug the official TF site. Yay.

The ad is punctuated with a large piece of (small) Prime art, and a photo of Hot Shot with Jolt. I'll scan it if I can be bothered.

Oh, and in other news, the Character Licensing segment has a section on the line too. Apparantly, GMTV have picked up the free-to-air rights for the cartoon, which they'll start showing from the first Sunday in April (8.25am... let's just hope it's sliced up...). It then launches into an obviously-Hasbro-penned piece about the new toys, before touching on the large licensing campaign supposedly being orchestrated, and mentioning a "major QSR promotion" (anybody know what QSR is? I feel almost ashamed that I don't... though I'm not in licensing...)

Oh, and alongside the piece, underneath an image of the new TMNT toys, is a piece of artwork for Armada Thundercracker.

Uhm... I'm done... discuss.
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Old 2003-01-18, 12:19 PM   #2
Lord Zarak
Look, the other left
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Seems like good news. Just dont go into Wollys if you want anything though. The N'hampton store only has Megs. I'll have to check out TRU, but thats a bus ride away
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Old 2003-01-19, 12:42 AM   #3
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dark dank unclear,
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with frost-fingered fear'
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Narnia?... nope, just a wardrobe...

Brend, I'm not sure what QSR stand for either, but I think its quality (something) rating. Generally, it seems like every Woolies has Armada Megs, Z. The only one I want from series 1 that I don't own is Hot Shot. (As for the first Prime and the Street Action team, you can keep 'em). I know Armada TC is just a repaint, but I think (from what I've seen) that he looks good.
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Old 2003-01-20, 05:20 PM   #4
Rameses Niblik The Third, Kerplunk Kerplunk, Whoops, Where's My Thribble
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Sent to outer space, to find another happy place.

In the two Woolworths within easy distance of me in Cardiff(Albany Rd and Clifton St for those keeping track at home), one of them has no Armada. I think they're trying to clear their remaining stock of RID... They have all four Build Team mebers and a couple of Sideburns. The other one has Starscream and Red Alert (no Megs). I'm quite eager to get back to Swansea, and see what they have there.

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