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Old 2003-02-01, 04:37 AM   #1
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Question Transformers DVDs

Anyone have any idea as to when Season 2, part 2 will be out on DVD?
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Old 2003-02-01, 06:07 AM   #2
thinks puppet Angel David Boreanaz is dreamy...
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...especially when he was kicking Spike's ass. ;)

It's coming out in two parts, because it's got a lot more eps than the first season. The first part is out now. The second part should be out next month.
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Old 2003-02-03, 12:27 AM   #3
was here way before you.
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British Columbia

Yep... mid April is what I heard last.
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Old 2003-03-05, 07:30 AM   #4
New Jersey..... Custom Rank:neato

what about season 3..theres not enough to make 2 parts and theres too many for should be interesting...
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Old 2003-03-05, 08:21 AM   #5
Sir Auros
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Virginia, USA

As for Season 3, I think there aren't too many to fit in one set. Isn't it something around 30 episodes? Simpsons seasons are coming out with 26 episodes per season (as far as I recall), so that would only be 4 more episodes than that, and it's not like they have buttloads of extras that they've been trying to fit on the sets :rolleyes:
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