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Old 2003-02-22, 07:49 AM   #21

Originally posted by BlueBlaster
Pat Lee failed Wizard's TF quiz and Furman passed it.
Where is said test?
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Old 2003-02-23, 10:13 AM   #22
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Trollywood Asylum

Issue 136 of Wizard magazine.
Two examples:
Which member of the G.I. Joe team had a daughter who made a brief appearence in "Transformers" Episode #71 "The Killing Jar"?
Pat Lee: "Ah,f*ck,I don't know...Zartan?"
Answer: Flint

In the Marvel Transformers comic,what godlike figure is revealed as the father of all Transformers and creator of the Matrix?
Pat Lee: "Can I ask someone here? He,someone help me! Huh? Where did everyone go? I don't know...Arcee?

Wizard's comment: Because he failed our little quiz,Pat has been forced to pencil a 64-page Wheelie one-shot.

I made the test and got 34 of 40 while Pat only got 20 of 40. I have the two pages scanned if somebody want to host them and read Furman's results and comments and if you want to do the test too?
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