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Old 2003-03-08, 12:08 AM   #21
Shooty Dog Thing
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Originally posted by dEcEpTiCoN MEGAtron
Seems now, however, that it's back up and running. I seriously hope that he gets prosecuted.
It's my understanding that the site is currently operating on donations; I'm not sure how this affects the legal side of things; it's possible the site would have to be transferred into another person's name for it to avoid the domain URL and space hosting being classed as assets.
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Old 2003-03-08, 10:24 AM   #22
Dinobot's Spark
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I remain in the Matrix..

They have got a new host
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Old 2003-03-10, 03:19 AM   #23
CAgent Ravage
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thankfully some of the mysteries have been resolved, seibertron is back and is being redesigned. I look forward to its completion it was/is a good site. Though why Hasbro with its cease and desist orders would want to proverbially bite the hand that feeds them is beyond me. By that as I mentioned one other time it was us fans who kept Transformers alive with sites like these during the almost forgotten times. Full eps I could see though with G1 and BW coming out or on dvd what is the point??? In any event does anyone know or remember a site called I believe it was? Anywone know how to find that site again as it was another excellent multimedia site that disappeared. Though it seemd to have happened prior to these orders. Anyone know how to get in contact with the webmaster? It was one of the best BW sites for multimedia I have ever come across. Sigh seems like we always lose the good ones more often then not.
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Old 2003-03-10, 09:36 AM   #24
Almighty Galvatron
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Gone drinking

i think there's an easy solution to this cease and desisit s**t that hasbro keeps pulling on fansites, assuming that my assumptions about hasbro are correct.

Hasbro sees a problem with the various TF sites due to the fact that they're violating copyright in one way or another, copyright owned by hasbro

(assumption) Hasbro, being the large multinational company it is, probably at one stage or another has sold parts of itself off as shares (most probably on one of the US stockmarkets).
My solution is simple, own hasbro and in doing so, have a legitimate claim to their copyright material.

(assumption)It defies common sense for a company to go after its owners (unless it's going to buy them out, which could be beneficial in itself). so all that needs to happen is that someone needs to buy at least 1 share in hasbro (finding a seller is the difficult part, assuming that hasbro is floating shares somewhere) in the name of the site, or its owners to lay some claim to hasbro and/or its trademarks. the least you could do then would be a complete prick to the company and force them to pay big bucks to get you out.

Edit: i'm a law student with absolutely no training in business or commerce (they're evil) so this comes from a legal perspective and may or may not fit the reality of the Evil Empire that is american economic theory

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Old 2003-03-15, 06:44 AM   #25
Registered User

hmmm....interesting theory AG.

Given that i'm not versed on company laws or copyright laws in America, I have to wonder if it would work. I doubt though that owning a small parcel of shares would be enough to stop them from putting a cease and desist on you, you'd probably have to become a major shareholder or have some influence on the board of directors.

Alternatively, you're a law student, finish your studies, get a job in Hasbro's legal department and just make all the cease and desists go away.
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Old 2003-03-17, 10:36 AM   #26
Almighty Galvatron
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Gone drinking

as much as i appreciate that someone finds my brilliant idea praiseworthy, i wouldn't piss on america if it was on fire, let alone work there for hasbro... (any country that can semi-elect george w bush as its head of state needs to have the right to vote taken away from it)
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Old 2003-03-17, 10:35 PM   #27
RID Scourge
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In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

To tell you the truth, I don't think anyone would have predicted what he'd if he got into office.
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