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Old 2003-04-01, 01:41 PM   #1
Cellar Door
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Unhappy For those who don't know, Silverstreak is plain silver


And a thanks to Wideload at Transfans
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Old 2003-04-01, 08:13 PM   #2
New Jersey..... Custom Rank:neato

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Old 2003-04-01, 11:47 PM   #3
RID Scourge
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In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

Well, that's another $30 that stays in my wallet. To make it even sweeter, it's another $30 that Hasbro doesn't get. Woo-hoo!
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Old 2003-04-02, 12:49 AM   #4
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What? No! We can't stop here! This is bat country!

Ahhh... Screw the Hasbro reissues anyway, I'm just sticking with the Takara reissues. I'll probably have to wait longer for them, and pay more, but at least they will be just like the original releases (some with bonus stuff), accessories and all.
If it had chrome parts when first released it should have them when reissued.
Yeah, I know it's pretty anal of me to say so but I don't want two inch missiles on my reissues anymore.
But it still sucks how Hasbro pictures the cartoon (Anime) version in it's ads of Bluestreak, I refuse to call it "Silverstreak", just like it pictured all it's other reissues as the original versions.

Hey, if anyone disagrees with my reasoning, well it's my hard earned money and I'll spend it anyway I want to.
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Old 2003-04-02, 08:31 AM   #5
Sir Auros
Hardcore Gamer
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Virginia, USA

Being that I only really care about the actual molds...I don't see what all the fuss is about...
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Old 2003-04-02, 12:57 PM   #6
Cellar Door
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Well, that's up to you... personally, I a) own the silver one in passable shape and b) think it looks rather bland... oh well, I'm hopefully in the process of buying a loose Anime Streak, so I guess we both get ours huh?
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