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Old 2001-12-12, 03:41 PM   #1
Question Cartoon QQ #6: The Quintesson Journal

Does anyone remember whether there's any continuity connection between "The Quintesson Journal" and "The Big Broadcast of 2006"? My memory's a little hazy since I haven't seen either in some time, but I know that the Quintesson Journal was central to the plot in both...does one lead into the other, or are they pretty much independent stories?

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Old 2001-12-12, 04:07 PM   #2
One with the Matrix

In Big Broadcast they are looking for the journal. In Quintesson Journal itīs found and it contains information that proves that quintessons have been aggravating war between two planets to sell them both weapons. So TBBo2 -> TQJ.


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Old 2001-12-13, 07:05 PM   #3
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I just wonder what else was in that blasted journal...
Maybe the secret to pudding can be found there.
Or maybe the universal question...!



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Old 2001-12-13, 07:09 PM   #4
The HeartBrend Kid
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Grey skies... lots of rain... must be England...

"Day 1. As a highly evolved and important race, we Quintessons have decided to create a journal of our thoughts and deeds, so as lesser lifeforms can learn and marvel at our grandeur.

Day 37. Ghyrik is a nonce.

Day 126. Refuse collectors didn't come. Damn.

Day 567. Some planet wants to buy a bomb. Big whoop."
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