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Wildfire Herald
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Exclamation Microman Microforce figures

These guys are incredible! I've been looking for a way to get into Microman/Micronauts that wouldn't use all my money (in other words not buying the old ones, paying out the nose for the newer japanese ones, or shelling out more than I really want to pay for the reissused ones.) So I was in Newbery Comics today looking at CDs I couldn't afford, then I saw them. I had seen the preview in Toyfare and they looked cool, plus they were only 4.99 each, so I bought the spy and ninja ones. Got them out of the package and was blown away. They have insane amounts of articulation, allowing for any pose you can think of (the ninja can even be posed drawing his sword from the sheath on his back.) Plus they have a bunch of accessories. The spy has a removable backpack with grabber claws on ball joints, a snap on Wolverine type claw weapon, and a snap on grappling/harpoon type weapon. The ninja has a huge, fancy sword, plus a katana that fits in the sheath on his removable armor. While putting his armor on, I noticed a little piece on the front that was removable, so I take it off and what do I see? Two tiny throwing stars on the inside of it that he can hold! Plus they each have 5 extra sets of hands (fists, open palms, spread fingers with open palms, hands to hold guns, and hands like their normal ones but with a pivot joint that bends up and down instead of side to side) I couldn't believe all the stuff on them, I'm definately going to scare up another $10 and buy the commander and gunner figures.

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