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Old 2003-01-17, 12:42 PM   #1
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Northern Ireland (Home Of The DeLorean!)
Default Further Japanese Transformer Episodes to be released in the UK?

Hey all,

THought I'd ask and see if anyone knows if Maverick have any futher plans to relase any more "Takara" episodes of Transformers on VHS and DVD in the UK. It was great to see HEadmasters 1-6 out on tape, but I think we all want more. Does anyone know if there are any plans for future releases of more material?


(offical tea-boy and unofficial Alt ID of Snake)
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Old 2003-08-16, 06:31 PM   #2
Lambda prime
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North East UK

I want to see more of it too! But i have no idea if when any will surface. It had some funny dialog and lines like "Go to hell autobot" (from a constructicon who jumps Blaster) were hilareous. But name changes like Blurr-Wally, Blaster-Billy and so on was weak. I think the next ones should be subtitled or dubbed by American voice actors.
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