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Old 2003-09-24, 10:16 PM   #1
Cyberstrike nTo
Cyberstrike nTo's Avatar
In the Dead Universe known as Indianapolis
Default 1602

Has anyone read it and if so what are your thoughts on Neil Gaiman's version of the Marvel Universe?

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Old 2003-09-24, 10:32 PM   #2
Amarant Odinson
Registered User
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Ontario, Canada

I had a chance to read to the first issue. It was good from what I've read so far. I want to read more before I pass my final judgement. I really liked the artwork though.

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Old 2003-09-25, 08:25 AM   #3
Big Metal Person
angloconvoy's Avatar
Ichihara, Japan

Yeah, I'm about the same. At this point I'm still wondering if I'd give a toss about the story if I wasn't playing the "ooh, that's meant to be this guy" game.

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Old 2003-09-25, 08:12 PM   #4
Married to Sadie
Hound's Avatar

Not enough has happened yet for me to form an opinion

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Old 2003-09-28, 10:52 AM   #5
was here way before you.
Blitzwing's Avatar
British Columbia

So far it's been pretty cool. I like Gaimen's approach to the comic scene. The artwork has been dope so far and the story hasn't disappointed yet.
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Old 2003-09-29, 12:48 AM   #6
Registered User
BlueBlaster's Avatar
Trollywood Asylum

I'm agreeing with Hound.

And have you dudes read the Sandman: Endless Nights?
It's a couple of weird stories and some are good and the last story feels more like an epilogue instead.
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