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Old 2003-11-28, 09:07 AM   #1
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Seoul Sth Korea
Question Found- 2 old bootleg TF posters?

I'm actually not a great fan of transformers (They're Okay!) but I am a big fan of old Korean made sci-fi themed toys,posters,albums etc.

Anyway I collect a lot of this old stuff when it appears and today I stumbled upon two old bottlegged posters from 1984 of what I can only describe as the RED FIRE TRUCK Transformer ?! Yes, I know I am ignorant.

I normally try to collect old Atom/Mazinger/Taekwon V/ "Five Eagle Brothers"(Korean translation of Battle of the Planets)/Dougram/Yamoto/ Speed Racer etc etc.

Anyway, these old posters are rarer than hens teeth in Korea (let alone the rest of the world) so I had to grab them when I found them in a junk sellers shop- even though I dont know what show they are from. As an example of just how rare they are a collection of 12 of these type of posters are currently being displayed in a museum in Seouls arty sector known as Hongdae. They would display more if they could find them!

So, if you guys could let me know who exactly the bot fire truck figure is, I'd be grateful; It may even be a rip off of a TF?

Theres a display of all of the old Korean robot space themed posters on this Korean site

#Enter the site and click the 4th robot along then a line of Korean words will appear. Click the second Korean word and it'll bring up some black and white photos of Bruce Lee etc.
#Scroll down to the Taekwon V poster and click it- that will bring you to the only list that shows the entire range of old Korean animated movie/etc posters.

The posters I found are on page 3 second from the bottom.

If you could let me know what they are I'd be grateful.

Seeking clarification in Seoul
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Old 2003-11-28, 09:17 AM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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It's probably Inferno. And this doesn't belong in a news forum.


It's Inferno.
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