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Old 2003-12-06, 02:48 AM   #1
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Default powerlinx

hello i am new to the transformer world my 5 year old son got me hooked what is the story behind the armada power linx and are they better collecters. also i like the armada toys the best,except for scourge i have only seen pictures but i am trying to find one
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Old 2003-12-06, 05:29 PM   #2
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Armada powerlinx are just repaints of the armada line, I don't think most of them are better for collecters, but i'm not sure.
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Old 2003-12-06, 10:47 PM   #3
RID Scourge
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In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

In the cartoon, they were badly damaged by sinister prime, and were recreated by the minicons. The only ones that got this in the cartoon were Hot Shot, Red Alert, Starscream (Thundercracker is PL Starscream), Demolisher, and Megatron (who became Galvatron. In the comic, Optimus Prime and Jetfire get their powerlinx form from the minicon matrix. They're supposed to be more powerfull.

The ones I recommend are Hot Shot, Thundercracker, Galvatron, Cyclonus, Jetfire, and I'm currently trying to get Optimus when I have more money.
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