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Old 2001-12-14, 12:59 AM   #1
Post Cyber-Tom:)

Just received my copy of TFTM, and while I wary of the bad review it received in this forum, I still bought it regardless, hey its transformers afterall and also I feel obliged to buy it after this climax

Anyway the DVD is good I though, and didn;t deserve the mauling it has done. The crappy I love 198ish thing was lame, in the fact its the 1st thing that boots up and also the most annoying thing when u just want to watch the damm movie.

Besides did anyone notice in Headmasters Cybetron was referred as Cyber Tom, I swear thats what it was. Jesus!!!
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Old 2001-12-14, 07:04 AM   #2
was here way before you.
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Well in a series where Blaster is called "Billy", Blurr is "Whalley" and Spike is "Sparkle", I don't think Cyber-Tom is that bad of a name.


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Old 2001-12-14, 10:57 AM   #3

It was so bad though, I thought the guys in charge would of made a better job that that. It was lame, but so funny as well, where can I download the rest??
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