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Old 2001-12-16, 02:58 AM   #1
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Post Seacons question

I bought the complete set o seacons of an old mate ages ago and with the set, he also gave me weird black pieces that he said formed "stands" of some sort for the toys...

The bits are:
- A flat base with a central hole
- A black gun-type thing
- A black box-shaped thing

Anyone care to explain how I'm supposed to use these? And is there a picture on the net somewhere that shos you how to use them???

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Old 2001-12-16, 06:22 AM   #2
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The base part goes on bottom, then the gun-type thing, then the box thing on top.

Then you can place your seacons in gun-mode on it, and display them as guns without the falling over.

Each seacon came with one Origionally, except Snaptrap of course.

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Old 2001-12-16, 06:22 AM   #3
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The Seacons instructions found at explain what you need.

What you do with them though, is put the small connector on top of the tripod rifle and put the tripod rifle on top of the base, and then put which ever seacon on top of it in gun mode.


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