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Old 2004-07-14, 10:46 PM   #1
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Default new energon eps in September


"Well, it appears the wait for new episodes is going to be a little longer than expected but there is light at the end of the tunnel as AnimeFreak of the Toonzone forums reports there will be a new marathon on September 4th here. The episodes are as follows:

3:00 PM Episode 22: Survival Instincts
3:30 PM Episode 23: Each One Fights
4:00 PM Episode 24: Unicron on the move
4:30 PM Episode 25: Unicron Under Attack
5:00 PM Episode 26: The End of Unicron
5:30 PM Episode 27: TBA

Thanks again to ToonZone for what is very exciting news for Energon fans!"

well,my guess?another 6 eps,another long hiteus.
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