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Old 2004-10-03, 02:58 AM   #1
Official Energon Bitch
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Lost in the supermarket
Post (Some) New Hasbro Trademarks

According to Transfandom, Monzo of The Obscure Transformers Site has reported an update by the US Patent Office database listing a number of new (and not so new) Hasbro name applications:
  • Autobot Skids
  • Blight
  • Drench
  • Doom-Lock
  • Hardtop
  • Kickback
  • Knockdown
  • Longhorn
  • Omega Sentinel
  • Overbite
  • Repugnus
  • Terrorcon
  • Thunderblast
  • Vector Prime (???)
  • Wing Saber
  • Windcharger

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Old 2004-10-05, 02:21 PM   #2

Vector Prime??
Prime is the leader of the Autobot or not? So Optimus will die? Or Fused with Vector Sigma like the end of BM?
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Old 2004-10-05, 02:35 PM   #3
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany

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Old 2005-04-07, 12:44 AM   #4
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany

Heh. Just for fun's sake, digging out this old thread.

Here's what eventually happened to those:

Autobot Skids - G1 reissue
Blight - Energon combiner limb
Drench - cancelled Universe BiaB
Doom-Lock - Energon Terrorcon
Hardtop - Cybertron Basic
Kickback - Energon combiner limb
Knockdown - Cybertron Ultra
Longhorn - Universe Deeluxe
Omega Sentinel - Energon Supreme
Overbite - Universe Ultra
Repugnus - Universe Ultra
Terrorcon - Energon group name?
Thunderblast - Cybertron Deluxe
Vector Prime - Cybertron Voyager
Wing Saber - Energon Mega
Windcharger - Alternator


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Old 2005-04-07, 02:31 PM   #5

my old nick - oh my Primus ... it exist
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Old 2005-04-10, 03:42 PM   #6
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Mandurah, Australia.

I see Cybertron Combiners ... I want a decent version of Predaking this time round ...
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