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Old 2004-10-24, 05:52 AM   #1
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar
Smile TFw2005 sneak preview of Galaxy Force animation

Apparently they're quite blurry, but enough to evidence an improvement in design and rendering from recent TF series:

Autobase Aichi has some animation sketches up:

(For those who don't follow any Japanese, try these. May need to paste links.)

Again, all fairly blurry, but the quality of the work shows.
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Old 2004-10-24, 02:17 PM   #2
Registered User
deej's Avatar
Brisbane, Australia

drawings look nice, but whoever did the cam-work to record those snippits of the animation needs to learn that the Blair Witch Project isn't a bible for amatuer filmography :P

Still think it's the worst megatron design ever, but only time will tell, eh?
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Old 2004-10-24, 02:36 PM   #3
DrEvil's Avatar

I don't mind Megs much, he just looks a bit too much like a Batmobile.

So the Matrix may feature once again and Prime has a jet mode. Starscream still rules
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Old 2004-10-24, 05:56 PM   #4
The Dark Optimus Prime
Registered User
The Dark Optimus Prime's Avatar
Anime Town

i did notice that in the last picture the "blurr/hotshot" vehicle finally had the name "hot shot" next to does that finalize it or is it just something someone threw in?
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Old 2004-10-24, 06:46 PM   #5
Ultimate Weapon
Ultimate Weapon's Avatar
The End of Time

Megatron looks like a souped up Batmobile.
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Old 2004-10-25, 04:38 AM   #6
Registered User
MaximalHeroDinobot's Avatar
Southern California, USA

I think they're pretty cool. I don't quite think that form suites Megatron too well, though maybe if fr another character who's a Decepticon it'd be fine. Optimus looks bad-ass though I'm a little indifferent about him not being the same type of truck.
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